About us

The documentary Ancestral Ceremonies Peru rescues the ancient customs and traditions of natural medicine, energetic healing techniques and Andean ancestral spirituality, knowledge and skills transmitted from generation to generation. lt reveals us the divine essence and the unlimited powers that people have to heal, awaken consciousness and evolve to live in harmony in these difficult times that humanity is going through globally. lt also shows us the living culture of the Andean and Amazonian communities, the wonderful, sacred and magical places in Peru.


The main objective of the Documentary Ancestral Ceremonies Peru is to rescue, conserve, revalue and spread the use of medicinal plants and ancestral ceremonies for healing and awakening the divine consciousness of humanity.


To share techniques and ancient secrets of healing and purification for the evolution of the human being. In addition, to show the spiritual centers, energetic points, archaeological parks and the living culture of the Andean and Amazonian communities.


To promote the use of natural medicine, the awakening of divine consciousness and the evolution of the human being at a global level.